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Web Graphics

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The Internet…..who would have thought that in just a few years an entirely new method of communication would emerge so quickly to become main stream?

Imagine making sense out of this headline 10 years ago.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates defends its IE4 internet web browser against charges of unfair competition.

Who would have thought that a relatively new company headed by an unknown figure would become the world’s wealthiest man in just a few years with a product no one would have yet heard of? Who says the American dream of success is dead?

Anyway, the web is in its infancy. Standards and technology are changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with it. You may have attempted to put up a web site and found out that you did not want to become a specialist in web graphics too. Perhaps you found new friends on the "net" and want to send them a photo. PMI has a number of services available to help you.

  • Scanning, of negatives, slides & prints

  • File conversion for fast web transmission

  • Conversion of documents into PDF format

  • Pictures for e-mail

  • Original logos or graphics design

  • PowerPoint presentations to video

  • PowerPoint presentations to slides

  • Slides into PowerPoint presentations

  • Files to CD

  • NEW!  MAC - PC File Conversions

Maybe you just want to create an effect...fancy border, buttons etc. We can help.  We are continually evaluating new software to develop a new and different look. 

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(Working example of a button design)

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