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Video Transfer Prices

16¢ per foot for silent movie film, 20¢ per foot for sound movies.

50¢ per image for prints, slides, or negatives.  (Please note:  We use a proprietary system for slide transfers and do not require your slides to be in trays.   There is a $5 handling fee per slide tray.) slides98.gif (5195 bytes)

First title free.  Additional titles - $1 per screen.

Not sure of how many feet you have?  Here's how you can estimate your footage.

The little reels that you would get back from the film processor are 50 feet in length.   Some people would splice these reels onto larger ones for more convenient showing.  These larger reels come in 200, 300, or 400 feet increments indicated by marks on the spokes of the reel.   The chart below will assist you in calculating your footage and price.

Footage Diameter Price
50' 3 inches $8.00
200' 5 inches $32.00
300' 6 inches $48.00
400' 7 inches $64.00

Film is transferred to DVD.  Flash drive option available.

DVD duplicates - $5.00

Video Tape to DVD

VHS  -  VHS-C  - S-VHS   -  S-VHS-C  

8mm   -  Hi-8mm  -  Betamax - Digital 8

$15 per per hour.   Call for discount pricing on multiple copies.

Foreign Tape Conversion - PAL - SECAM- $30 per hour.

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