Newport Business Institute 2001-2002 Class Photo Identification

Row One (L to R)

Amanda Bacon
Kim Hall
Brandy Stiger
Mildred King
Shirley Glasser
Cheryl Fox
Misti Morrison
Theadora Arcure
Desiree Noltee
Robert Reese
Rebecca Walker


Row Two (L to R)

Mindy Shoemaker
Susanna Myers (Jill)
Rebecca (Seaman) Hemling
Anissa Bates
Shelbi Ford
Lemay Feese
Christina Fischer
Amanda Hauser
Katy Hungerford
Amy Schmidt
Melissa Sharr

Row Three (L to R)

Jamie McHenry
Brandie Staggert
Stacy Phillips
Kelli Scampone
Cheryl Kontz
Brenda Greenabaum
Brenda Koons
Susan Brandt
Kristen Stahl
Ashley Moon
Shelly (Hensler) Henninger
Kimberly Hampe
Debra Keip
Carol Smith

Row Four (L to R)

Linda Hess
Stephanie Braden
Mary (Becky) Snyder
Rickey Knorr
Donna Dingler
Jamie Bennett
Sandy Nevel
Leanna Lee
Jessica Hartman
Christie Arthur
Santiea Rivera
Laura Brown

Fifth Row (L to R)

Bethanie Gresh
Misty (Martz) Andrews
Kathy Paternostro
Michelle Truax
Ashley Snyder
Dannielle Buries
Rayetta White
Dorothy Hawley
Sarah Brown
Kathleen Mitcheltree
Natalie Runner
Rebecca Peters

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